Friday’s Caption Competition

It’s caption competition time again.  But before that, here’s the password for the Freddie Mays Bounty tournament at 9pm tonight:


It’s only six more days until the World Cup rules our lives for an entire month! So let us get into the spirit of things shall we? Here’s a picture of Diego Maradona facing up to a group of rather scared looking players with some suspect haircuts. Who’s got a caption for this? Submit your caption to @paddypowerpoker on Twitter or enter on Facebook for your chance to win a token to my bounty tourney next week.

Maradona surrounded

Congratulations to Michael Larkin (mickalarkin) for winning last week’s competition with: “Ye thats right groves I have got 2 belts and thats how many times your going to lose to me KID” 

Froch Groves

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