Hand of The Week – Week 125

Last week I showed you how I ran a bluff on a scary board and my opponent made a good call with A-Q for one pair.

This week the boot is on the other foot and I’m the one holding A-Q, flopping top two but still manging to lose.  The hand sums up my week perfectly – a week where I’ve managed to lose every day so far (boo hoo poor me)😦

Preflop I raised and the button called. The flop pleased me greatly, Ad-Qh-8h for top two pair and I decided to bet. That’s what I usually do when I’ve raised. Besides there are lots of draws out there, hence lots of turn cards that I don’t want to see appear.  My opponent just called.


HOTW 125 flop

Now at this point I can’t possibly know what a world of trouble I’m in. He can call here with an inferior ace, a hand like KQ for 2nd pair or any number of draws so I absolutely believed I was ahead.

When I led again at the turn though (a meaningless 2s) for just over half the pot he raised me back. The old spider senses started tingling and I got this bad feeling that danger was lurking. I felt pretty sure I was losing and I had a very strong suspicion what hand I was losing to: pocket 8s.  Not pocket aces or queens because they would have probably raised preflop and if he had some big combo draw he’d have probably raised on the flop rather than the turn. Nope – it was pocket eights I should be scared of.

Some people might say this is a cooler and I’ve just got to lose my money here but I don’t necessarily think so. Although I was sure I was in big trouble you know how it is in poker – how you make those calls when you know you shouldn’t? This is one of those cases and I can’t believe I still do it.  I called the turn (with a heavy heart.)

But why? Well I could hit one of my four outs and stack him.  He might be trying it on (very doubtful I know). Or he could have A-Q as well.  All these things came into play – but most of all was the mistaken logic “this hand is too good to fold”. You can fold a straight flush if your opponent only needs an ace for a royal flush.

Of course the trouble when you “just call this one raise” is that you reach the point of no return. Next thing you know you’re on the river and facing odds of about 2-1 on a shove and you decide it’s worth the call.  And that’s exactly what happened. Sigh. Pocket 8s. Of course.  I could have saved 70 big blinds by listening to my instincts there.

HOTW 125 River

What I wanna know is why have they always got it? Surely I must be getting bluffed some of the time? It’s just so rare that I manage to catch someone at it.

Notice that if he’d raised the flop we would have probably gone to war because I’m never folding on the flop. I know it sounds silly but I’d have been happier to lose it all on the flop and been cursing my surprised bad luck than make two mistakes on the turn and river.

So the downswing goes on. Lose against A-Q, lose with A-Q. It’s no use claiming it’s down to bad luck though. Last week I shoved all in and immediately thought “that’s a terrible bluff and he’s certain to call“. This week I called a bet when all my instincts were screaming “fold!”

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One Response to Hand of The Week – Week 125

  1. Nigel Jones says:

    Think he could made the same play the AK so 2 pair on a un-cordinates board which brings no flushes on board is really a cooler

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