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We’ve all done it. You’ve just scored a penalty in the last minute of extra time and your team now leads 4-1 in the Champions League final. The chances of losing to your exhausted opponents from here are literally a million to one. So what do you do? You rip off your shirt and celebrate like you just saved the world from Armageddon and sprint round like a headless chicken giving it “LOOK AT ME I’VE BEEN GOING DOWN THE GYM I HAVE MUSCLES.”


What a hateful bell end. If anyone had the right to celebrate like that  it was Ramos for getting the equaliser and rescuing the match.  At 4-1, or even 3-1 it’s not as if there’s any tension in the air and even if there was he’d still be a twat for behaving like that. He even dived for the penalty so he could do his little circus act.

I hate that slimy tosser so much. Always have, always will. He’s a massive poser who only cares about himself and gets all jealous when Bale cost more money than him despite there being this thing called inflation. Saturday night’s embarrassing me me me me me me me me display only compounds the hatred. He only won the Ballon d’Or because he started crying that Messi kept winning it.

This probably isn’t to my credit, but if there was a real “doom switch” that could unleash lightning bolts from the sky and eviscerate your chosen victim leaving only a trail of scorched earth, I would have pressed it so many times in the 30 seconds following that penalty it would have worn out.

And as well as detesting the pure ego of the human greaseball you have to ask what sort of sub human level have you descended to when you resort to doing impressions of Mario Balotelli?

balotelli white house

This week’s question is very sinple “Has there ever been a more hateful character in the history of football than Ronaldo?” Answer this week’s poll and leave a comment with your Twitter username to be in with a chance of winning a token for my Bounty competition. Voting “yes” this week is seriously unlikely to win of course (unless you can pull off the impossible and nominate someone even more repulsive). Imaginitive comments describing what terrible fate you would subject this piece of  human excrement to will stand a very good chance of winning.

Congratulations to @ironnutzpoker for winning last week’s poll.

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5 Responses to Poll of The Week

  1. The Award singingly handed goes to Joey Barton. He continued to foul even do he got numerous red cards for such behaviour. He easily losses his temper on the pitch and then takes it out on other players. He just swings out violently at Tevez in the Man C v’s QPR match in 2012.@djdoc2001

  2. Its still Robbie Savage, he’s a less annoying twat of a pundit than Alan Shearer but as a player he’d have punched Twatzilla from behind, from the front we’d have applauded him but he’s a from behind sort of player. Harald Schumacher probably comes second with Twatzilla in third. @fiercelyacute

  3. Milan says:

    Sincerely, it has not. They say Fergie’s dogs called him Mogli when he first got to Trafford. Not only he couldnt utter a word in english, they say he didnt know how to use a knife and a fork….

  4. paul c says:

    Yes…but it’s an English thing…the unfortunate Graham Taylor. Who can forget Turnip Taylor and the constant abuse (mostly from the media) he received in the 90’s.Hated most by a long way imo.@pcbunter

  5. Dave Clayton says:

    Scum. Sub-human scum. Doesn’t even give a toss about the pedestrianisation of Norwich town centre either. @BenBulben40

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