Friday’s Caption Competition

It’s Friday again and that can only mean one thing: it’s Caption Competition time. But first, the password for tonight’s Freddie Mays Bounty tournie at 8pm is:


Here’s today’s caption to get working with: when it all goes wrong for Steve Kean in the rain.



You might think I’m being a bit harsh on Steve Kean at his lowest ebb here – and you’d be right! But there’s just something incredibly amusing about the whole Blackburn/Venky/Kean triumvirate, so I’m not letting up just because he got relegated.

And before you think the worst of me, just know that I’ve backed him at 100/30 to be the Blackburn manager on the first day of next season, so I am in fact rooting for him to keep his job and keep us amused for another year!

I suppose we ought to thank the hapless Steve Mclaren for one thing at least. When everything is going wrong for your team and the rain is lashing down, at least you don’t get to witness your manager standing around the touch line under the shelter of an umbrella any more.

The winner of this week’s competition will receive an €11 token to an Irish Winter Festival satellite. Please submit your entry to @paddypowerpoker on Twitter. 

Congratulations to last weeks winner @theblackrose84 – who won last week’s competition with ‘if it looks like a chicken, sounds like a chicken, then its good enough to b blackburn manager’.

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