Poll of the Week

Football’s a funny old game.

First Barcelona fail to beat a 10 man Chelsea side with no centre halfs in the Nou Camp.  Then Man Utd contrive to hand the Premier League to City from being 40-1 ON shots. You couldn’t make this stuff up! But I couldn’t believe what I was hearing on Sunday when even those two “certainties” were surpassed by the FA’s announcement that they wanted to speak to Roy Hodgson about the poisoned chalice that is the England Manager’s hot seat. So this week’s question is: have the FA made the right choice in swerving Redknapp?

It’s really not the “Yes” or “No” vote that’s important with this poll. I’m more interested in the comments you leave after voting.  And you should be too – the winning entry will win a $55 iPOPs token. Answer this week’s poll and leave a comment with your Twitter username to be in with a chance of winning a €11 Irish Winter Festival token!

There were a lot of high quality entries for last week’s poll about data mining sites. But unfortunately there can only be one winner. So congratulations to James (@McConville01 on Twitter) for summing up the issue: “these “players” should sit down at the table and find out information on the rest of us from playing. Not buying the information. pay for it the proper way by playing.”

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12 Responses to Poll of the Week

  1. Michael says:

    You saw what happened when the attention got to spurs, he couldn’t manage them well and they completely messed up for the following weeks. National teams can’t afford it, he’d be bad for England but great for the Irish spirits

  2. @TweetingRichy says:

    Everyone needs to be examined. You can’t ‘swerve’ potentially good mangers. After all he has done a good job. There are worse choices out there.

  3. James says:

    Yes they have for anyone anti-England. Harry Redknapp is a manager who would do everything in his power to make sure he does what’s best for the team. He’s a man manager who would have got the best form each player. Roy Hodgson is a puppet and a Yes man who the FA can influence and make decisions over his head. For example, they’ve already decided John Terry won’t be captain, and all these “negotiations” are probably to ensure Hodgson has as little power as possible. Great for the rest of us, bad for England. See you in Poland boys!! #Euros 2012 #GreenArmy @jamesgroarke

  4. you can’t make a silk purse out of a sows ear although you can make an ordinary sows ear purse and get paid a couple of million for it.

  5. mark montgomery says:

    Hell yes, Harry is only good for the England team if they want to cheat the Taxman
    @theblackrose84 on twitter

  6. Hodgson & England will get knocked out at the group stage without a win,an it will be all if only we got Harry @djdoc2001

  7. Ricky ferguson says:

    The media haver have always overexpected and the team underdelivered to expectations.
    Now they have an average manager of an average team the expectations might be more realistic. Doubt it though they will still think they should win it. At least they can use not havin arry as an excuse

  8. John says:

    same old – same old
    The old boys in their creaseless suits dodged Redknapp just as they dodged Clough.
    Harry and his style of football was the more exciting option – and the england team as a rule don’t seem to provide much of that lately.

  9. Milan says:

    Yes… because ‘Arry claims to taxers hes plain illitarate, and how you gonna explain to squad whos gonna guard Angelo Ogbonna Obienza in Poland then….


  10. Roy Hodgson is an excellent pick for the England manager, give the man a chance, I can see him becoming one of England’s more succesful managers. You heard it here first, England WILL win Euro 2012, they’re somehow free-rolling with lets face it some top quality under-rated players, they are a side that will pick up momentum under Hodgson, and for sure will shock alot of cynics. Sir Roy Hodgson, come on ppl, you can see this.

  11. paul connolly says:

    That shouldnt have because the public wanted him and now if england fails…it will be the FA’s fault again as they didnt pick the right man imo.@pcbunter

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