Friday’s Caption Competition

Another week passes by and that means one thing – it’s Friday’s Caption Competition again. And this week there is a great prize on offer: a $55 iPOPs tournament token. So get those captions in.

By the way, the password for the Freddie Mays Bounty tournament at 8pm tonight is:


The reason for the choice of password is because I notice Pep Guardiola officially lost his bottle this morning and so I decided to choose a picture of him for this week’s caption competition. Here he is. See what you can do with this image of the prone Spaniard:

The password would have been “guardiola” of course but it can only be 8 letters long, so if you’ve ever wondered why the password is always 8 letters long (and I’m sure you wonder long and hard about this every night) then now you know. It was either guardiol or barcelon I suppose. “Lostbottle” and “Brownpants” were both 10 letters and also had to be excluded.

You might think it’s a bit harsh of me to say unkind things about the soon-to-be former Barcelona coach, or that I’m talking through my wallet (I’m honestly not), but I can’t take all this guff about what a great manager he is and I positively laugh at the skinny odds on offer for him to be next England/Chelsea manager.

He’s an average manager who had a bloody exceptional side.  That is why he had a great record – because of Xavi, Iniesta and Messi. It was nothing to do with his input.

In his defence he’s an infinitely better human being than Jose Mourinho and I suppose there is a teensy bit of pressure managing Barcelona, but then again this is exactly why he finds himself face down on the toilet floor when his arsehole goes! He failed. And now he’s lost his bottle. A ham sandwich could have won the Champions League with the side he had.  Speaking of Jose, had Mourinho been in charge of Barcelona, they would have won La Liga in February and…well they wouldn’t have drawn with a 10 man Chelsea with no centre halves would they?

On the bright side, as Abramovich seems to have a hard on for young managers, and particularly Pep for some reason, I sincerely hope Chelsea give him a job for, oooh about £20m a year. With Pep in charge they will just waste a load more dough and win nothing, trust me.  He would do no better than Andre Villas Boas.  In fact I can think of no reason Guardiola will be any more successful than Frank Rijkaard.

There. I’ve said my piece. Have a good weekend.

Remember, the winner of this week’s competition will receive this wonderful $55 token to an iPOPs tournament. It could just be the easiest money you ever earned. Please submit your entry to @paddypowerpoker on Twitter. 

Congratulations to @fiercelyacute for winning last weeks caption competition – “Who needs bullets?

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4 Responses to Friday’s Caption Competition

  1. dawn towers says:

    so thats where you hide the aces,!!!!!

  2. dawn towers says:

    when you said you got the nuts didnt think you was on about them nuts !!

  3. caption comp “if you shit a brick this is what happens”

  4. John says:

    Too many ‘Tika-taka’ tacos + tequila

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