Poll of the Week

There was a great response to last week’s question “what is the most expensive item you have destroyed in a tilt induced rage?” and I read your comments with various degrees of humour, comfort and downright incredulity! The cost must have run into thousands.

So staying on the topic of tilt, I have a similar sort of question for this week: what is the most annoying comment a player says in the chat box? 

In a book I was reading the other day I came across a list of 17 things the author says could make even a solid player become what he calls a “mental game fish”. For example if they believe they are cursed, or if they believe it is possible to “own a player’s soul” etc. Very last on the list he said a player who says “One time!” Well I’ve never had anyone say that to me. Perhaps it’s an American thing, but clearly it is something he finds massively annoying.

So I thought I’d ask you what the most irritating thing it is that a player says during a game to you. I can tell you that with me it is never the bad language. Without a doubt mine is when a player wins a pot after getting lucky and says “ty” after you actually played the hand fine. Drives me nuts that does! Anyway I’ve thought of a few options but the alternatives are endless so I’ve likely not included the one that vexes you the most. Feel free to select “something else” and share it in the comments section.

Answer this week’s poll and leave a comment with your Twitter username to be in with a chance of winning a $55 iPOPS token!


Congratulations to Neale Butler (@NealetheWheel on Twitter) for winning last week’s poll.

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20 Responses to Poll of the Week

  1. paul c says:

    its the ty after they hitting it lucky…really pee’s me off!! @pcbunter

  2. david lowans says:

    I hate wen someone says ‘sorry’ after playing badly and winning on the river. Cracks me up

  3. Chris O'C says:

    One time! And usually they hit the 1 bloody outer on me EVERY time! @ PokerAssa5sin

  4. Mark Andrews says:

    Ditto that!


  5. @gazzzz27 says:

    its when he says sorry after cracking your AA with 68 and then later you go for a smoke and you hear him telling his friends .

  6. mark montgomery says:

    LOL after they beat you AK with crap like A2 or even worse, you got lucky no need to laugh at me for your bad play
    @theblackrose84 on twitter

  7. Tomás Glynn says:

    *Turns chat off


  8. Nigel Jones says:

    Had 1 on paddypower where sum said ty donk after losing with AA vs 9 10clubs.
    Guessing he was a young pup who mummy recently released him from her nipple

  9. Jo Irish says:

    ‘ty’ is the most annoying, especially when up against a player who has clearly hit lucky every hand at the table, and was there for the taking! Aghhhhhhhh!!

  10. Geoff m says:

    When someone draws out with their 2 outer and then says anything …. even if they say the nicest thing, you know they don’t really mean it. TWITTER @POKERWANNABE

  11. Christian Knolly says:

    i dont really now what most Player say, but what they think on a bad bluff “PF” ,
    -Please Fold -Please Fold !


  12. djronburgandy says:

    Something else ” crap player why did you call.. going against why they went all in anyway.,did they not want the call? if i called with ace / ace would that have been betetr an beat them any way? @djdoc2001

  13. fiona says:

    When the write in thank you after the donking you , Soooo annoying !!
    Oh and another thing , when the comment on your play thinking the are a ‘pro’ when really the are useless!!!!
    Twitter: fionagalvin2

  14. Gavin harris says:

    Loved watching ganders often win! My friend marc wright also came 14th. I will hopefully come along next time. Wish me luck. @gavoloharrisian on twitter and @gavolo on paddypoker.com

  15. Gavin harris says:

    It was great watching ganders often win the other day on the live feed. My friend marc wright came in 13th or 14th as well. Will try and come next time. Wish mr luck!!! X also I hate a player saying ty when they screw you over… They always get their comeuppance though!!! X

  16. Donk is mostly annoying! But lots of people “love to say” on mother language some bad words. And when you understand such words, this is more annoying.

  17. shane mc inerney says:

    U nearly had dat one. Not!!!

  18. The most annoying chat box vomit when a player is trying to put me on tilt or get inside my head, is when he starts slagging off my stats from pokershark etc to the table, constantly belittleing my play and calling exactly how much I’m down in tourneys and cash games to everyone, is there nothing sacred, definitely wouldn’t happen live. Cap in hand and powder dry, your very generous $55 iPops Token could theoretically go a long way to silencing a few of my chat box bullies.

  19. John says:

    After cracking my aces i can handle ‘hehehe’ or ‘haha’ in my sleep, but like a week ago a guy typed ‘ho-ho-ho’ and it had me spitting feathers. I don’t know if he was some sort of donk santa or just bad english – but ‘ho-ho-ho’ felt like he was having way too much fun at my expense.

    p.s. anytime someone makes a crazy call with terrible odds then talks about how they have the ‘cojones’. NO YOU DON’T. (maybe i’m too sensitive )
    twitter > @JMS39112190

  20. Nice1, just read your blog reg Data Mining, tbtf Stars have taken action, hopefully this is the beginning of the end for all these player stats mining sites. Schwinnnng.

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