Ian Simpson Busts in 4th Place (€107,500)

The run of Ian Simpson, yesterday studded with dramatic pre-final table all-in drama, has finally come to an end.  Thomas Beer, chip leader since hand 5, raised in the cutoff holding 8s-8d to 125k.  Small blind Simpson, with pocket Tens, threebet 475k.  With only a momentary pause, Beer decided to commit the lot, and having done so was snap-called.  He only had the time between seeing Simpson’s hand and the 6d-8c-Ah flop to wince, as his set held against the overpair on the 5c-9c turn and river and Simpson had to pick up his Sole Survivor jacket and head for the rail.

Collecting his Sole Survivor cheque.

Chips for the final three players:

Thomas Beer – 6,230,000
Kevin Vandersmissen – 2,881,000
David “Dixie” Dean – 919,000

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