Oi Oi Watts

Over on the outer table for the few hand’s previous it had been raise/fold/raise/fold, action on to Steve Watts this time who opens to 33,000 and its folded around to Marc Wright in the big blind, asking for a count of Watts chips he announces “all in” instantly called to the dismay of Wright.

AcAs is the bad news shown as they are proudly flipped over while Wright held 8c8s which is also dominated in suits, off to the flop and the dealer spreads a 2s2hKd, turn brings the money card as it came Ad bringing cheers from Watts as he is sealed for a big double up, river rolled off the 4h and we now get the countdown from the dealer.

Watts with 490,000 will now bust the million mark accounting for blinds and antes, Wright cuts out the stack and is left with about 875,000 which is still well above average.

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