Hand of the Week – Week 34

Here’s a call on the river that you will scarcely believe.  They say there is a fine line between genius and insanity and this line is the tightrope that Viktor Blom walks along.

The hand comes from a heads up match that took place last weekend between Viktor “Isildur1” Blom and Alex “Kanu7” Millar. Blom regularly plays heads up challenge matches for high stakes against all comers over 2500 hands  a match (with a winning 9-4 record) and this was one of those matches. To put the hand into perspective, it was the biggest pot of the entire match, weighing in at $100,900. Hands will be revealed at the end…

Blom raised to $600 preflop from the button and Millar raised him back to $2,600. Blom just called and they saw a flop of Ad Jh 4c.  Millar made a continuation bet of $4,000 and Blom called it. The turn was the 5c, and Millar bet again, $11,500 this time. Again, Blom flat called. On the river the 9d came and the board was:

A J4♣ 5♣ 9

Millar shovelled it all in for $32,350 more. Blom called.

What sort of hands would usually justify this big money? A set perhaps, a set each perhaps? Or top two pair? Perhaps one of them have made the cheekiest straight with deuce-trey?

Not exactly. Millar had 7c 6c for a stone cold nothing. I can see where he was coming from though. He re-raised his pretty hand (albeit 7 high out of position), stuck in a continuation bet, turned a draw, persevered and ended up shoving the river, where his only chance of winning was to bet big.

But what of Blom?

Hehe, Blom had a mighty one pair –bottom pair at that! He did all that calling with Kd 4d. It’s amazing. I just don’t think that call is possible with that hand and seeing this just makes me realise I am a zillion miles away from this level of play.

Trying to work it out from Blom’s point of view I suppose he figures that Millar’s not going to just shut down if he misses his draw. He’s betting all of his “nothings” all in as well as his strong hands.  He was getting 2-1 on the call so he must have figured that there was a better than 33% that Millar had one of his “nothing” hands.

But still… bottom pair! For $32,350 more!

It really is a fine line. Win a $100k pot with bottom pair…..or walk into Millar’s pocket aces and end up looking a right twat!

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