Paddy Sole Survivor contest. With a twist (and a RIP)

There are many versions of the “last man standing” contest.

Whether you’re playing British Bulldog with your mates at school, Battle Royal WWE wrestling with orange men on steroids, or simply taking turns to shout “vagina” the loudest in the Sistine chapel there’s something satisfying about seeing off the competition and being the last man standing.

Well Paddy Power’s got a new one for you – the “Wax Off”.

To celebrate the “Sole Survivor” contest at this year’s Irish Open, Paddy had its two top poker pros face off with a pair of hair removal experts- subjecting them to the “wax-off” – one body part at a time, until one cried enough.

November niner Eoghan O’Dea and last year’s Irish Open champ Niall Smyth took it in turns to have their body hair removed by two very attractive ladies. Must have been terrible for them!

But I must say they took it like men. They might only have a meagre covering of body hair but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt! Yet there wasn’t a whimper or a shriek to be heard between the repeated RIPPETY RIPs of plaster against skin.  Fair play to them both……but we did have a winner. You can see for yourself in this video, but you might not want to (by the way Eoghan was that just the sac in that last waxing or was it the old ‘bottom beard’ as well?)

This year’s Paddy Power Irish Open is being held in Dublin’s Burlington hotel between 6-9 April.

The rules for the Sole Survivor competition are simple. The last online qualifier standing wins €100,000 on top of any prize money he makes. Of course, last year Niall Smyth went the whole hog after qualifying online – and outlasted everyone in the field, scooping the €100,000 package on top of his €550,000 prize.  Nice work!

Satellites run all day on Paddy Power Poker – so what are you waiting for?

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One Response to Paddy Sole Survivor contest. With a twist (and a RIP)

  1. This is what you get for a bad beats in Paddy Power comps i can only imagine what they would do if you won

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