Hand of the Week – Week 33

Just a quickie today, as I know you have all things Cheltenham to worry about today!

This was a little hand I played last night and it is definitive proof that sometimes the poker Gods really do conspire against you.

I was playing a session of Double or Nothing sit n gos – the 6 player variety where you only need to make the top three to double your money. In the long run I manage to win over 50% of these games – but not by a huge amount – so when you play a large number of them you can go on losing runs quite easily.   It’s just bound to happen, like getting a series of tails when you’ve called heads I suppose, with a marginally higher skill level :)

It’s in the middle of these losing runs that hands like this crop up.

We were on the bubble and I was the really short stack, hoping either for a double up or the less likely scenario that two big stacks would lock horns.  Sometimes it feels like everyone is picking on you in these spots, raising your blind, or limping from up front with a giant stack you just know won’t fold should you push all in.

On and on this went, but then I managed to get it all in and double up when the big stack called me with a filthy hand just to try and get rid of me. The very next hand I got dealt KK in the small blind and got excited about completing the comeback. They folded to me in the small blind. Blinds were 150-300 and I had 1725 chips left. The big blind had 1765. I pushed all in at the big blind, hoping it would look weaker than a standard or min raise.

He calls. YES!

He has AA!

Arrrrrrgh !

“King! King! Flop a King. Just give me a King”.   Erm…

And that, Ladies and Gents, is how I roll.

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