Friday’s Caption Competition

It’s caption competition time again. But before that, here’s the password to the Freddie Mays tournament at 8pm tonight:


The tournament might well start at 8pm start where you reside but I can assure you it is nothing like a social hour on my side of the world. It’s been 7am starts on Saturday mornings up to now (ridiculous enough as it is) but now that I’ve moved time zone a further hour by coming to the Gold Coast, ridiculous o’clock just became obscene o’clock! I’ll be playing it at 6am! Great fun for me hey?

Anyway, I saw this picture and I found it topical because the other day we had this dealer who was painfully slow. He must have only been dealing 20 hands an hour. I reckon he must have been downing cocktails of valium and laughing gas because as well as being slow he was really smiley and found everything hilarious.  Nice for him, but boy, he was slow. If he’d gotten any slower we could have ended up like this:

Please submit your entry to @paddypowerpoker on Twitter for a chance to win a token to my bounty game. Congratulations to @theblackrose84 on twitter for winning last week’s competition with ‘damn that bitch lady gaga, she stole my poker face’.

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One Response to Friday’s Caption Competition

  1. Mick Kelly says:

    And the winner of the extreme strip poker championship is…..

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