Friday’s Caption Competition

It’s caption competition time again. But before that, here’s the password to the Freddie Mays tournament at 8pm tonight:


I’ve chosen this password because I’m about to embark on an all nighter of poker at the Star City Casino in Sydney. It’s 11.30pm Friday night here now so the plan is to play at the casino until about 6am and be lovely and fresh for the 7am start for the FreddieMays Bounty, which is your 8pm.  I just spent the past 5 hours playing at the Star and the opponent to my right was incredulous when I stood up to leave.

“All the idiots are about to arrive mate” he told me. I said I had to do something quickly but I might come back.  He assured me I’d win. He seemed pretty sure. And I’m a trusting sort of a bloke so I believe him:)

Anyway, on to the caption competition, and it’s a hard one. See if you can find a quote to match Peter Griffin’s perfect poker face:

Please submit your entry to @paddypowerpoker on Twitter. Congratulations to @pcbunter on winning last week’s competition and a token to my bounty game with ‘Even I can’t control a ball like that with a fart’.

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One Response to Friday’s Caption Competition

  1. I am very glad that I managed to beat out today you from tournament:)

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