Lucky Star

I’m on the move!  After a month in Sydney I’ve headed on to Adelaide for a few days.

“Not to Melbourne?”, I hear you ask in tones of horror?  “For the Aussie Millions?”  Well unfortunately no. That’s one tournament that won’t have my name on its entry list this year.  I’m far too small time to be entering that sort of caper. The way I see it, that is one ten thousand dollar lottery ticket I can’t afford, so I’ll just have to swerve and leave that game to the big boys.

I wasn’t tempted to head out there to watch it neither. I showed up to the Rio once to watch the WSOP main event and it was a pretty depressing experience to be honest.

If I’d never played in it before then yes, I could have gotten excited about being there, but I played a Main Event once and to be there not playing just felt like I was missing out. That’s not to sound like Bertie Big Potatos, it’s just the way it was. After you’ve experienced the buzz of the Main Event then it’s a massive anti climax when you’re standing on the rail – a bit like a skint Bob Cratchit walking past the shop windows at Christmas I suppose. You just know you’re missing out.

So I flew right over Melbourne and headed to Adelaide to see an old uni mate who I haven’t seen in years.   And tomorrow I’m seeing an old school friend who also moved out to Adelaide. I might have mentioned it before but the reason I came to Aus in the first place was to go to a wedding – another old school friend who travelled out here to marry an Aussie girl. So I’ve been getting the feeling that everyone in the entire world is either getting married to an Aussie or emigrating here!

Except me of course! Another 40 good years in me yet! (Just insert longer time period each time I repeat the phrase).

I can’t really blame them for coming here though. I’ve had a blinding time in Sydney the past month and the quality of Australian women is ridiculously high. I can’t speak highly enough of the place and I certainly wouldn’t put you off coming here – apart from the savage cost that is!

I suppose the savage costs just mean I have to get winning in local currency at the casino’s poker games. Unfortunately I’ve not managed to do that so far, but recently that’s been due to lack of play rather than lack of winning. (Did I mention I that hadn’t been running too well at the Star casino recently….hehe? I have a beautiful Hand of The Week to share with you tomorrow….)

But I had a completely unrelated change of fortune involving my “unlucky” casino last week.  My mate’s been on a two week holiday, staying – as luck would have it – in the Star Casino and he managed to cop an upgrade due to some noisy contruction work outside his room (whinging pom eh!)  The only spare room they could get him was a whole suite and it’s massive with room for two people easy. Well you could probably fit six in there. So I’ve been crashing in a 5 star luxury suite for the past week. Hehehe, it’s a tough racket eh?

After Adelaide I’ll be heading back to Sydney. And this time I’ll be all on my own, all wedding guests and visiting friends safely returned home. So I reckon it’s time to get stuck in to some serious poker action at the Star. After all this trip won’t pay for itself.

Attack !

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