Chris Dowling eliminated in 3rd (€35,750)

Unfortunately we have just lost Chris Dowling in 3rd place, after putting up a valiant fight for most of the day when he lost the biggest pot of the tournament near the start of play (1.2million) today, he done well to get where he did because he was pretty short for a stage, peaking at chip leader at times and then dropping back down throughout the day he done well to grind himself into contention for the title.

Onto his exit hand, Noel O Brien opens the button and Chris moves all in from the SB for around 1 million and O Brien made the call, Dowling is shaking his head in disbelief at the call it seemed.

Dowling – Ac6d

O Brien – KsJs

Window card is the Kc and as the dealer spreads the rest of the flop we see a Jc4d to give Noel top two pair and Dowling had a mountain to climb at that time, 4s pairs the board on the turn giving Dowling a glimmer of outs as if he had of hit an Ace on the river he would of counterfitted the two pair, river fell the 9s to seal the deal for Dowling to send him to cash desk to collect his winnings.

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