Friday’s Caption Competition

Another Friday, another caption competition. But first, here is the password to the Freddie Mays tournament at 8pm tonight:


That’s because the prize money is double bubble this week.  No-one managed to kill me last week because I came 1st so the prize money rolls over. So this week it’s $200 if you finish me off and a second bounty with $50 on his head will be chosen just after the kick-off. Players will be informed once he has been selected.

And here’s this week’s caption competition. This picture tickled me so see if you can think of a caption for this:

The person who comes up with the winning caption wins a token to the FreddieMays Bounty game next week. Please submit your entry to @paddypowerpoker on Twitter.

Congratulations to DavidCgolf who won last week’s competition (again!) with the caption:

“Thankfully, we all can sleep easy now that we have the looting under control, trust me on that”

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One Response to Friday’s Caption Competition

  1. David Langley says:

    Awsum playing with you in the freddie may comp you seem like a top guy! heres my caption “in the words of basement jaxx, where’s your Heaaaddd at!! My twitter name is Dailangley.

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