Paddy Power MADchester Poker Open Day 1 Concludes

David GomezA mammoth double flight day for the £550 Paddy Power Main Event has come to a close, and our day two field is set, led by today’s second flight leader David Gomez (right; 210,500).  He pipped Andreas Olympios (186,200) and Leonard Townsend (176,000) to lead overall when the combined survivors return to the felt tomorrow at 4pm.

Click here to see the chip counts from the first flight, and see below for Day 1b survivors.

Seat draw and prize information will bink into place right here overnight, so check back before start of day 2 for all the stats and cash info you could desire.  Over and out for Day 1a.

David Gomez 210,500
Andreas Olympios 186,200
Leonard Townsend 176,300
Chino Rheem 152,400
Audrey Guibert 151,500
Dave Sandpearl 150,400
Mark Wilding 110,100
Soleiman Masud Janjua 100,200
Adam Cooper 98,800
Mark Stott 98,800
Nicholas Tate 95,600
David Morley 94,500
Javier Rodriguez 84,400
Paul Hanley 83,000
Sue Benson 75,100
Mikey North 72,700
Kevin Haughton 67,900
Dara O’Kearney 66,700
Chi Tang 65,600
Chun Wah Man 64,900
David Garden 56,300
Nike Naughton 51,500
Ankit Ahuja 51,200
Peter Campbell 51,100
Heath Cram 50,800
David Haja 44,600
Andrew Probyn 39,700
Ciaran Farrel 37,400
Osman Mustanoglu 37,300
Mike Ahearne 35,000
Christopher Backhouse 29,300
Aktar Rahman 26,800
Waseem Shahid 25,800
Chris Straghalis 13,900
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Rheem Victorious with 2-7

Chino Rheem has enjoyed a last-minute boost to his stack, knocking out Qasim Akthar. There was around 20k in the pot when Akthar went all in on the river, the board reading 2h-9c-8s-2d-8c. Rheem sat there for a bit, muttering things like, “So you have an eight,” and “So sick,” but eventually he made the call. Akthar had mucked even before Rheem had flipped over the mighty 2s-7s.

Rheem is at over 120k now.

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Gomez Up

David Gomez is approaching big stack territory after a massive double up through Jane “Seat 3″ Doe. It looked like the chips went in on the turn.

Gomez: 6-6
Doe: Q-T

Board: Q-8-6-Q-A

He’s at around 150,000 after that. She is down to less than 10k – mere shrapnel at this 500/1k/100 level.

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Finish Line Approaches: Level 10

We’ve just entered the final level of the night, so in 40 minutes’ time this bumper double Day 1 will come to a close, bringing under 100 players through to tomorrow’s Day 2.

At the moment it looks a lot like Leonard Townsend is our chip leader, with 175,000.  Townsend sounds a bit hoarser than at the beginning of the day, but that may be because he’s talking animatedly throughout. Recently he busted Pete Turner with a timely pair of pocket kings, stacking ever more while Turner displayed excellent attitude in defeat, saying, “Good luck everybody! I’ve enjoyed the game.”  And so have we.

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Guibert Doubles Up

Caroline McKeeverI didn’t catch the preflop action, but no matter! The flop action was fast and furious and went like so:

Flop: 3c-Td-2s

- John McMatey Doe of Seat 3: bet out 20k
- Audrey Guibert: all in for 27,000
- John Doe: call
- Guibert: Qh-Qs
- Doe: Th-8c

Turn and river respectively: 7c and Ad

Guibert thus doubled up around 70,000.

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Wilding Out-kicks Mizrachi

Michael MizrachiAnd only just dodges kicking him out altogether, after a preflop hand spiralled into a triple all-in.  An early position raise to 2,000 was called by Mark Wilding and two others before a short stack moved in (c. 12k).  Button Mizrachi, covering everyone else involved, moved in to isolate this shover, but it backfired as Wilding put his remaining 21,000 in the middle – with Ac-Kh, dominating Mizrachi’s Ad-Td.  The all-in player’s sevens were outflopped by them both, but the Ah-8c-8d-3d-Qh board favoured Wilding and leaves Mizrachi fairly short himself.

Later note (by 3 mins): The seat formerly known as Mizrachi’s is empty.

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Super Result for Campbell

Peter CampbellPeter Campbell is a very lucky boy, his A-Q just now coming good against an all-in player’s A-K when a queen dropped on the turn. He’s up to around 55,000, while his hapless opponent is down to exactly zero. It’s probably too late to go out anywhere now, as well. Sober and busto at 2.37 on a Saturday night. Poor guy.

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Ahuja the Better

There had been a raise to 1,300 in early position but the raiser soon folded following a reraise to 2,950 from Ankit Ahuja and a push for 8,900 from an ID-less gentleman. Ahuja called the extra 5k or so, and it was a swift and clinical end for his nameless opponent – Ahuja’s Js-Jc was dominating Cardless Gent’s 6c-6d from the start, and the Tc-4d-Jh-4c-As board was as decisive as could be.

Ahuja is back up to 50,000 after that.

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Gilby Scuttled; Tang Collects Spoils

Paddy Power Poker MADchesterA bad flop for Richard Gilby’s pocket queens has just now sent him to the rail.  Short stacked, he picked up two in-position callers preflop and jammed his last 7,700 in on a 7s-8s-7h flop. Chi Tang on the cutoff made the call, only to find the button setting him in for a further 26,000.  Tang thought for a good minute or so before calling with trips (7d-Jd) while the button’s 8h-9h failed to improve on the turn or river.

Tang’s stack tops 80k, although he had to put up with a Jeremy Paxman style repetition of the question, “What are you tanking for?” about six times as he was paid off.

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Climbing Mount Chiplead

Andreas OlympiosThe brave trekkers forging ahead in the collection of gaming discs are:

Andreas Olympios – 120,000

Olympios has had a great last level, first winning a huge pot from Audrey Guibert.  Heads up on a 6c-9d-Qh flop, Guibert (with 70k behind) check-called 3,000, then another 8,000 on the Ks turn, and finally a whopping 25,000 (most of Olympios’ stack) on the 8d river.  She showed down A-Q but his Q-Q was better.  He also won a good few chips from Pavlin Djokov whom I caught betting out on the river of a 6s-6d-Qd-8c-9s board.  He’d bet 11,000 with 16k behind, and Olympios set him in, winning the pot after a break-overlapping painful looking tank-fold.

Other lead-challenging stacks (without faces- we’re just coming to the end of a 20 minute break):

Qasim Akhtar – 119,000
John “Table 10 seat 7″ Doe – 107,000
Leonard Townsend – 98,000
Chino Rheem – 85,000

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