Numbers Update

The number on the board has changed again to reflect the no-shows and it currently says 77 – we can only assume that this is now final. Good luck, all!


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The Marsh/Straghalis Show

Chris StraghalisOver on table 6, Level 5 (150/300/25) has seen a good few skirmishes between Chris Straghalis (on 36k) and Des Marsh (31k).  They don’t seem keen to sit back as the blinds rise like the tide around them, but still some respect was shown recently to Marsh as the regular duo was joined by button Richard Kellett for a flop.

That flop: 4d-Ad-6s.  Check from Straghalis, bet of 1,400 from Marsh, call from Kellett and fold from Straghalis.

The turn was the most nondescript of turns, the offsuit deuce, which saw another bet from Marsh – 3,100.  This time Kellett folded As-Js face-up, saying, “I give you a lot of credit…”

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Numbers Game

Padraig ParkinsonThe number on the board actually says 81 at the moment for some reason, but we believe there were a couple no-shows so we can’t yet confirm the final numbers – please disregard the earlier post claiming exactly 80 runners for Day 1a. The no-shows are being sorted out right now and we will have that final number shortly.

One player who definitely remains in is Mr. Padraig Parkinson, who was recently spotted taking down a hefty pot with pocket jacks on the river of a 3-6-6-4-9 board and is now up to 35k. His opponent Marcin Gryko showed A-Q and is down to 25,500.

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Level 5

Players are back at the tables, the blinds are 150/300 with a 25 ante, and registration for this first flight is now closed. The magic board tells us that we got 80 runners for Day 1a generating a £40k prize pool – not bad for noon on a Friday – and we are now pretty confident of smashing that £100k guarantee.

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Break #1

Ladies and gentlemen, we have somehow negotiated our way through four levels and players are now on their first break of the day. We’ll be back shortly with final numbers for this first starting flight. Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em.

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Doof Doof Doof

P Turner - artist's impression

P Turner – artist’s impression

Another one bites the dust!

Again, our keen bloggers’ eyes failed us and neither of us managed actually to catch the hand, but one P. Turner, formerly of Table 1 Seat 1, has kicked the tournament bucket and will not be progressing any further into Day 1a. If we see him on the Day 1b list, we’ll be sure to get his forename.

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Seeing the Back of Richard Hawes

Richard Hawes green hair from the room lightsHere’s proof of that Hawes hair appearance, and a report on his final hand of Day 1a (he can re-enter at 8pm for another shot at the MADchester title, which comes along with a free seat into next year’s Irish Open).

A big multiway pot was set a-brewing after no fewer than five players called under-the-gun Robert Campbell’s preflop min-raise to 400.  The flop: 2d-3s-4s.

The blinds checked, and Campbell continued with 575, called by David Tierney, then Daniel Charlton, but button Hawes put a stop to all that by raising to 2,900 out of a <11,000 stack.  Now small blind Rob Roper sprang into life with a check-raise to 6,000 which was quickly upped to Hawes’ remaining chips.

Hawes: Qs-Js
Roper: 2h-2s

With one of Hawes’ spades already a no-go (and perhaps others, given the lively interest in the flop), he watched the turn and river come out Qh-Qc, a taunt from the ladies as his opponent filled up.  Out he goes; expect a retry for Day 1b later, though.

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Deck the Hall

At least one person at the table wants to…

A gentleman had raised to 575 when I arrived at the table; Mike Hill had called, another gent called, and so did John Hall in position. All four of them saw a flop.

Flop: 8d-4d-6c

It checked around to Hall, who bet 2,000. The original raiser and Hill both folded, but the second preflop caller decided to take a shot and made the call. They went heads up to the turn.

Turn: 8h

Again, it checked to Hall, and again he bet – this time all in for around 22,000. After the briefest of deliberations, his opponent called and turned over 7s-8s for trips – only for Hall to reveal 6d-6s for a full house. The Ah on the river did nothing for his opponent’s cause, and Hall doubled up to around 47,000. His hapless opponent was left with 8,500 – still very playable at this 100/200/25 blind level, but a bit demoralising when the average stack is over 30,000.

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Tweet Tweet

Ladies and gentlemen, do not forget to follow us on Twitter and tweet at us using the hashtag #MADchester all weekend. There’ll be stuff to win, things to look at and all manner of other social media-type shenanigans happening over there. FOLLOW US DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE…

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Sets Up, Trips

Day1aThat’s not stage directions for the beginning of a Charlie Chaplin movie, it’s about the proliferation of hands involving three of a kind we’ve just been viewing with the emphasis profit-wise on the set variety.  The most lucrative recent pot went to the gent pictured here (we as a rule don’t interrupt players in a hand or those who want the sealed soundscape of their own playlists to check their names).

Mark Dyson fired all streets from the small blind (action preflop unknown but a big enough pot was built at 100/200 to allow for a lead of 1,100 on the As-3h-7h flop).  He was called, and continued with 2,425 on the Qs turn, and then finally 7,400 on the Jh river.  Although this wasn’t a great card for the hand winner, who did make the call with pocket threes, he ended up scooping a 20k+ pot.

A table along and Des Marsh could be found betting 1,300 on the river of a 6d-Qd-Js-6c-2c board (after his action took check-call, check-check form on earlier streets).  His opponent Jimmy Cinquemani made a very quick call-muck when Marsh showed As-6h.

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