Hand of The Week – Week 139

I’ve got a few peculiar hands for you this week. It’s always nice to be pleasantly surprised in poker when you see their cards and that’s what happened with these hands.

My only forays onto the tables this week have been 10-20 minute blasts of Speed poker playing as many tables as I possibly can.  There used to be a limit where you could play a maximum of 10 tables of Speed Poker but you can exceed that now if you mix up your stakes. So this month I’ve been steaming into 14, 16 and as sometimes as many as 20 tables of micro stakes poker at once. I’ve got a big screen with high resolution so even playing 20 tables they don’t overlap. It’s hard going playing all these tiny little tables as fast as I can which is probably why I can only manage very short sessions. It’s more like a “whack-a-mole” computer game than a test of poker skill and absolutely not to be recommended if you want to improve your game. I just do it to get my little “hit” of poker.

Playing this many tables has the obvious danger of missing your hand. It happens all the time and on one hand where my time was running down rapidly I spotted I had KK. Facing a raise and a call I decided to just over shove all in. That way I wouldn’t miss and future action no matter what.  I got called and I got called again.

HOTW 139 - 1 of 5

Getting called in two places often spells KK vs AA at Speed Poker – even at tiny stakes and that’s something I’ll happily live with because KK six handed is a hand to bust out with. But this time no! Look at what they had.

HOTW 139 - 2 of 5

K-Qo and J-9s! I could have had ten guesses at either hand and still not got either right.

Well that was a pleasant surprise. No ace to dodge as well.  This is still a hand ripe for a bad beat mind – but KK managed to stay in front. I’m guessing the K-Qo guy put me on a small pair and thought he would be in a race.

I remember the final hand of the 2009 WSOP main event (slightly larger stakes :) ) when Darvin Moon and Joe Cada got it all in with Q-Js against 99. Darvin Moon had clocked that Cada was over shoving his small pairs so he called with Q-Js hoping to be in a race. Indeed he was racing against Cada’s 99 but unfortunately for him he couldn’t hit.  That’s the trouble with these heroic calls. Even when you are right you are still a small underdog.

Next I played this hand where I turned a lucky set and got in a raising battle with my opponent. He bet, I raised and he raised me back. I started to think he must have had a better set than me, especially the way we’d all checked the flop. He must have been slow playing…….

HOTW 139 - 3 of 5

We ended up all in and the spade on the river would have helped him……if he’d been on a flush draw. But he had this :

HOTW 139 - 4 of 5

4-5 suited. Now it’s one thing trying to push someone off a hand with a draw but how much fold equity does he think he’s got here?

Strangest hand of the week has to go to this guy though.

HOTW 139 - 5 of 5

He calls me preflop and he calls on the flop. with J-3 offsuit! Notice how he is actually raising on the turn, when it’s about 30c to call and he is literally a million to one to get a fold.   These can’t be mis-clicks, not that many in one hand. And there was me thinking “Darn he must have a nine”. I mean WTF?

I know we are looking at micro stakes hands but even so, these plays are pretty weird!

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Poll of The Week

We’re talking relegation for today’s poll of the week. This week’s question is: excluding Burnley, which two teams will be relegated from the Premier League this year?  Answer this week’s poll and leave a comment with your Twitter username to be in with a chance of winning a token for my Bounty competition.

I reckon I’ve sniffed out some triffic value in the relegation betting market which I’ll go into in a second (can you see where this is heading :) )?  People say that 10 or 11 teams could go down this year but I say that’s a load of old cobblers: only five teams are in real danger I reckon.

It pays to be a bit of a contrarian when you have a bet. I’m not suggesting backing Portsmouth to win the FA Cup or Steven Gerrard to win the Balon d’Or or anything like that.  When I say “contrarian” I’m thinking more about timing. Often the best time to back a team to do well is after a defeat because this is when their odds get pushed out.  If you wade into a team after they just won a match you’ll find you might be getting on at the shortest price they will ever be. I found this to my cost when I jumped on the Leicester bandwagon and backed them to finish in the top 10 at 3-1 after they beat Man Utd 5-3. One point out of a possible 12 later….and they are 6-1. Bad timing. It’s like all those investors who crap themselves when the stock market tanks and sell at the bottom, only to see it recover as soon as they exit. Really they should be pressing up and buying some more at the lows.

The corollary of this is to back a team for relegation after a victory. As we know, QPR beat Aston Villa last night and were pushed out to even money to go down.  Even money! They beat Aston Villa but frankly, so what?  Villa have lost 5 in a row and failed to score in all of them. They’ve only scored 4 goals all year.

I’ve priced up the 1-X-2 prices for all 290 remaining games and I’ve arrived at these end-of-season points totals: Burnley 29.9, QPR 32.1, Sunderland 38.0, West Brom 38.5, Crystal Palace 39.3, Aston Villa 42.8, Hull 44.1 and Stoke 45.9.  QPR need three teams to be worse than them in order to stay up – not just Burnley – and they are still bang in trouble. They have about six points to find with their closest rivals and need not one but two of them to have a ‘mare.  The evens has gone but there is plenty of 10/11 about and I reckon they should be closer to 1/3. Their next fixtures are Chelsea away and Man Citteh at home. This price isn’t getting any bigger.

I’m assuming everyone thinks Burnley will go down so I’ve excluding Burnley from the calculations (it also means I’d need about 50 answers if I included them). But I would love it – LOVE IT – if they could get out of this.

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Payouts thus far

Dimitri Pembrooke €1,265

Ronan Gillingham €1,265

Eddie Thompson €1,045

Zeik Tuite €1,045

Philip Harding €1,045

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Padraig Parkinson on the Final Table of the PLO Side Event

Padraig PLO

(Player numbers didn’t allow the event to exceed one table but meh, details)

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Last Longer Competition is Down to 2 Players

Just Pat Treacy and Gary Clarke fighting it out for the Madchester Poker Open seat!

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Mobile Stream Viewing

If you are trying to access the Spooktacular Live Stream on your mobile you are probably getting redirected into our swanky little poker web app. But if you’re itching for live stream action and not up for playing some speedy mobile poker, you can view the stream on mobile by clicking here.

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31 Players Remain

We are down to 31 players in the Spook main event.

Some of the names in the field include:

Chip leader Jamie Browne

Ollie Boyce

Dara O Kearney

Nick Newport

Tim Farrelly


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3 Left in Last Longest Competition

Pat Treacy sitting on 47K chips

Gary Clarke sitting on 54K chips

Ronnie Moore sitting on 86K chips

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Skeletons & Virgins

Some of the fancy dress down at the Spook

Fancy dress day 2 nun Fancy dress day 2

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Freeroll tonight with plenty of Madchester Poker Open feeder tokens up for grabs.

Password is: spookier

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